Now on Tap

The Fenner Nature Center of Lansing, MI holds an annual Maple Syrup Festival, but lacks the outreach to gather a larger crowd. To combat this, a series of posters, postcards and a mobile site were created to intrigue the surrounding communities.

A tongue-and-cheek tagline brings these posters to life and appeals to both children (visually) and adults (linguistically). Photography and hand-drawn elements are used in conjunction to highlight the main attractions and provide a narrative to those who have never attended the weekend-long event.

2016_Behance_Now on Tap2.jpg
2016_Behance_Now on Tap3.jpg
2016_Behance_Now on Tap4.jpg
Postcard Mockup_1.png
Postcard Mockup_2.png
Postcard Mockup_3.png
Mobile Mockup_1_white.png
Mobile mockup_2_white.png
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Mobile Mockup_6.png